September 28, 2017

More Freedom: 100 Days from EU-Ukraine Visa Liberalization

More than 3 months have passed after visa-free regime between EU and Ukraine is in force. On June 11 first travellers could enter EU countries without a need to...
September 6, 2017

Ukraine’s reform drive is powering ahead

After the lengthy saga of its signature and ratification, the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine finally came fully into force on September...
September 1, 2017

Ukraine’s Changes Keep Hope for Eastern Europe

When you have a habit to travel to the Carpathian mountains in Western Ukraine, a place of breathtaking natural beauty and tragic human history, this year you will...
August 29, 2017

Fifth Fuel: How Ukraine Heads Towards Energy Efficiency

The country is struggling to become energy efficient to save money and environment; one of the least energy efficient in Europe, it has no other choice.
June 29, 2017

Decentralization Stories: Why Local Control is Key to Ukraine’s Recovery

It used to be dark, and children had to jump from stone to stone to get to school. Now, the roads are smooth and brightly lit. Water flows from the mountains by...
June 20, 2017

Ukraine’s aspirations for intellectual property protection: what you should know

On 12 June, the EU Delegation to Ukraine released a statement to express disappointment by Ukraine’s slow progress in reforming laws on intellectual property rights....
May 25, 2017

Raid Against Yanukovych’s Taxmen: What You Need to Know

On 24 May, twenty-three people have been arrested in a joint operation of Ukraine’s National Police and Military Prosecutor’s office. Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s minister...
May 11, 2017

What Has Ukraine Done to Get a Visa Waiver from EU?

On May 11 EU Council supported granting a visa-waiver to Ukrainian citizens, finalising Ukraine’s multi-year progress to visa liberalisation goal. It has been a...
April 26, 2017

Ukraine’s Fight Against Corruption: Stumble But Not Fall

Corruption is not just about envelope filled with money, it is about decisions that affect citizens’ everyday life. Where is Ukraine now in its struggle against...
April 14, 2017

Ukraine’s Judiciary Reform: 5 Things to Know

Reform of judiciary has been one of the most demanded changes since the very independence in 1991. It has also potentially been among the hardest ones. Ukraine inherited...