April 21, 2023

There is still much to learn about Ukrainian history - with historian Andrii Portnov

Volodymyr Yermolenko speaks to Andrii Portnov about stereotypes we need to overcome when looking at Ukrainian history.
April 6, 2023

What’s happening on the Eastern front? Bakhmut, Lyman, Slovyansk, and more | Ep. 219

Are Russian claims of taking over Bakhmut true? What does the situation on the Eastern front look like? Are there still people living in destroyed frontline villages?
April 5, 2023

Finland joins NATO: has Russia’s strategy failed? - Around Ukraine # 10

Finland has officially joined NATO, which is further proof that the results of Russia’s foreign policy are contrary to its strategic goals.
March 31, 2023

Writers under attack: the cases of Ukraine, Nicaragua, Myanmar, and Egypt - with PEN International

The discussion focuses on cases in Ukraine under Russian attack, Egypt, Myanmar, and Nicaragua.
March 28, 2023

Putin plays a nuclear card again - Around Ukraine #9

Putin is threatening to deploy Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus.
March 27, 2023

Ukraine’s fight against corruption: is it effective? - With Allan Pagh Kristensen

Fighting corruption is an essential element of Ukraine’s EU integration.
March 24, 2023

How Russia uses the grain exports problem to manipulate the global public - Propaganda diary #8

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its occupation of large parts of Ukraine’s Black Sea littoral zone caused serious problems for the exports of Ukrainian food worldwide.
March 22, 2023

Are we facing a new China-Russia axis? - Around Ukraine #8

China’s leader Xi Jinping paid a visit to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin and stress the strength of the China-Russia axis.
March 21, 2023

Gillian Tett - on anthropology, imperialism, and the West’s (mis)perceptions of Ukraine

Gillian Tett is a British journalist and author. She is chair of the editorial board and US editor-at-large of the Financial Times.
March 21, 2023

Askold Melnyczuk - on Ukrainian literature, diaspora, and culture during the war

Askold Melnyczuk is a prominent American writer of Ukrainian descent.