February 23, 2024

Larry Wolff on empires and orientalism in Eastern Europe

The Explaining Ukraine podcast invites prominent American historian Larry Wolff to talk about history, imagination, and politics around Eastern Europe, in particular...
February 20, 2024

What are the military technological solutions for Ukraine? - Weekly, 12-18 Feb

Russia has intensified its military operations on the battlefield, as a result of which, after months-long campaign to take Avdiivka, it fell.
February 15, 2024

How can democracies defend themselves? - with Peter Pomerantsev

In 2024, authoritarian regimes may consolidate power, while liberal democracies, often unaware of looming threats, face challenges. Can we win the war against Russia?
February 12, 2024

Zelenskyy replaces Ukraine's chief commander - what does it mean? - Weekly, 5-11 February

President Zelenskyy appoints Colonel General Syrsky to lead the Armed Forces. Reasons for and impacts of this decision.
February 7, 2024

You can help save lives on the frontline - with Gennadiy Druzenko

He is one of Ukraine’s top constitutional lawyers and experts in EU law.
February 5, 2024

How does Ukraine intend on winning the war? - Weekly, 29 Jan-4 Feb

A new method of war based on technology, a new training philosophy, and new combat capabilities.
February 1, 2024

Human stories of this war - with Nataliya Gumenyuk

Let us look again at the human stories of this war.
January 29, 2024

Russia intensifies its efforts to build an autocratic coalition - Weekly, 23-27 January

Russia intensifies cooperation with its allies striving to strengthen its international position and overcome the negative effects of the sanctions regime.
January 26, 2024

Why we should talk to victims - with Dutch writers visiting Ukraine

Yahidne is a Ukrainian village where the Russian army forced over 300 Ukrainians into a school basement and kept them for almost a month.
January 24, 2024

Tusk visits Kyiv; France launches "artillery coalition", - Weekly, 15-22 January

This is our weekly roundup of key events and trends in and around Ukraine.