Story #23. Tears of a Soldier's Widow

May 31, 2022
A letter of a widow.

“Now I will write the scariest words of my life. I can’t write, I want the whole world to scream what you were like. And without you, I can only do one thing — write.

I'm sitting next to a dead husband. My life lies next to me in a closed coffin. My life wiped my tears and said that it would never leave. Who stroked me all night when I was sick. It's like I don't exist anymore.

You were the best in everything. Not because you are mine. So it was. You were never afraid of anything. You smiled every day, even if everything was bad. "I am warmly dressed and ate well" — for all occasions.

And you always helped me, I could ask for anything. "Are you a commander?" you joked with a sly smile. “Worse,” I said, “I'm the commander's wife,” and kissed you on the nose. I could tell you things that I would never tell anyone, and you always understood.

I knew how unbearable we would be in old age, I knew what kind of eyes our children would have. I've been thinking about what to get you for the first wedding anniversary. And I had to choose a wreath for the grave.

You are an officer with such an internal code of honor that these bitches could not even dream of. You are my heart! You are my soul! I love you for infinity and am proud of you. I curse these fascists for you, for our unborn children, for the stolen life, yours and mine.

I'm sitting next to a dead husband. I am a widow at 25. These inhumans stole my life. F*cking Russia stole my life”.

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