February 16, 2024

Ukraine’s Troubled Relations with Hungary and Slovakia: What at the Core?

Ukraine’s neighbours Hungary and Slovakia have taken on an ambiguous attitude toward Ukraine. But what is at the heart of the “troubled neigbourhood”?
January 29, 2024

How Did Russia Russify Ukraine's East?

Extermination of the indigenous Ukrainian population, genocide, and repressions have long been part of the Russian toolkit.
January 24, 2024

Why Should the Russian Nuclear Sector Be Sanctioned? (Part 2)

With many projects abroad, “Rosatom” renders numerous international actors dependent on the Russian nuclear energy sector.
January 19, 2024

How does Ukraine Discourage Russian Air Attacks?

In this #UkraineWorldAnalysis, we delve into how Ukraine became the first military to down an A-50 military aircraft in history and how Russia motivates soldiers...
January 14, 2024

Why Should the Russian Nuclear Sector be Sanctioned? (Part 1)

“Rosatom” is perceived through a ‘peaceful atom’ lens by many. But, does the Russian nuclear death machine have “Rosatom’s” face?
January 12, 2024

What Should We Know About Ukrainian Dissidents of the 1960s [Shistdesyatnyky]?

Vaclav Havel once said that "Truth and love must triumph over lies and hatred." These values were also very powerful among the Ukrainian cultural movement of the...
December 19, 2023

What Should Be the Security Guarantees for Ukraine?

With no near prospect of joining NATO, Ukraine requires security guarantees. But in what way could it prove advantageous to the West?
December 18, 2023

What Impact Has the Russian-Ukrainian War Had on European Neighbourhood Policy?

Some may regard the European Neighbourship as the EU frontier, but how have these imaginary borders changed through the Russo-Ukrainian war?
December 16, 2023

Museum of Stolen Art: Treasures that Cannot Be Stolen from Our Hearts

Culture is a part of a nation's identity. What creative ideas have Ukrainians come up with to deal with the repercussions of Russia's cultural genocide on Ukraine?
December 15, 2023

How Can the Future of Ukraine's War-Torn Cities Be Secured?

Ukrainian cities know what war looks like. But what do we know about the future of postwar cities?