Amnesty International blames the victim. - Weekly digest, 1-7 August | Ep. 131

August 7, 2022

Amnesty International published a report in which it blamed Ukraine for “violating international humanitarian law” by “establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas”. The report faced harsh criticism in Ukraine, both from the government, human rights defenders and journalists. – Russians are sending more troops to the South in an attempt to counteract a possible Ukrainian counter-offensive. Heavy Russian shelling in Mykolaiv and in Donetsk oblast brings more death and destruction. – The first vessels with Ukrainian grain traveled from the Ukrainian ports. – This is the weekly digest of our “Explaining Ukraine” podcast. Hosts: Volodymyr Yermolenko, Ukrainian philosopher and journalist, chief editor of, and Tetyana Ogarkova, Ukrainian scholar and journalist, in charge of international outreach at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre. Support us on Patreon