Making Lviv An IT Centre

November 20, 2020

Lviv is famous for being one of the top IT hubs in Eastern Europe. But who is behind this success? UkraineWorld visited the Lviv IT Cluster to find out how it helps the city develop its IT industry. Watch more in our new Stories from Ukraine video.

Ukraine's Western city of Lviv is one of Eastern Europe's top IT hubs

Stepan Veselovsky calls himself Lviv's IT evangelist. He is the CEO of the Lviv IT Cluster

an NGO that works every day to develop Lviv's second major industry after tourism.

Launched in 2010, Lviv IT Cluster now unites more than 100 companies. As the country's biggest IT community and a unique model for IT development. Their international tech event IT Arena hosts over 4 000 participants annually, and projects like IT Village, with 134 houses, encourage more specialists to stay in Lviv. 

But this is not just about IT, Veselovsky says. They are supporting all related industries.

Since companies compete for human capital, they invest in upgrading education, having launched 14 innovative programs in public and private universities.

Thanks to this systematic effort, the cluster's CEO sees Lviv outpacing some of its competitors abroad. But, he says, this is just the beginning.

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