Solidarity during the war. Stories from Makariv and Motyzhyn | Ep. 129

July 30, 2022

Olha Sukhenko, the village head of Motyzhyn, near Kyiv, was tortured and killed by Russian soldiers, together with her husband and her son. We went to Motyzhyn and talked to a local woman who closely knew her. Regardless the exact causes of the murder, it is clear that Olga Sukhenko has always showed a remarkable solidarity with her people. – We also went to Makariv and talked to a woman who left Volnovakha, Eastern Ukraine, now under the Russian occupation. In Makariv she met hospitality and solidarity. Hosts: Volodymyr Yermolenko, Ukrainian philosopher and journalist, chief editor of, and Tetyana Ogarkova, Ukrainian scholar and journalist, in charge of international outreach at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre. Support us on Patreon

This material was prepared with financial support from the International Renaissance Foundation.