What is the Geopolitical Answer to Russia’s Politics of Aggression?

October 17, 2022
UkraineWorld spoke to Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine’s Minister for Foreign Affairs (2014-2019).

Key points — in our brief, #UkraineWorldAnalysis:

1. On two main reasons for delaying the recognition of Russia as a terrorist state

  • There are two main reasons given for delaying the recognition of Russia as a terrorist state.
  1. The old principle of "legitimate governments do not talk to terrorists". The West still considers it necessary to talk to the Russian regime. 
  2. The recognition of Russia as a terrorist state will lead not only to additional sanctions, but also to the necessity of cutting Russia's ties with other countries. This will also provide a solution to problems confiscating frozen Russian assets. There is no consensus on this in the West.

2. On the reforming of international structures

  • There is no consensus vision of reforming international structures. It would be worth restarting the UN and rewriting the Charter. The UN is at an impasse in terms of political and moral trust. There will most likely be an overhaul of the UN, since both the USA and China want to remain on the Security Council. But the principle of applying the veto and then explaining it at the General Assembly does not lead anywhere.
  • Other global structures and global responsibility are needed. The financing of such structures should be different - from global taxes, and not from individual countries, so that they cannot be blackmailed.

3. On Putin's order to transfer the Zaporizhzhia NPP to Russian control.

  • This is common criminal theft and use of stolen goods for blackmail. If the world allows this to happen, it will continue to happen.

4. On the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines

  • Sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines means that the West has been drawn into a non-military conflict -- not a military one, but a conflict nonetheless. We do not know who ordered or carried out the attacks, but we understand who benefits from it. Russia does not want Europe to pass this winter without political upheavals.

5. On Europe's resilience in countering the Russian regime

  • Europe's resilience in the face of Russian aggression carries risks, but ultimately it is Europe's existence right. If Europe is not able to say 'no' to the Russian regime, it leaves serious room for uncertainty of its capability in the 21st century. Europe must not betray its own values.

This material was prepared with financial support from the International Renaissance Foundation.

Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine’s Minister for Foreign Affairs (2014-2019)