Russian Aggression

Russian Aggression
August 16, 2022

End Russia’s Impunity

The appeal of the December First Initiative Group to political and public figures of the world
Russian Aggression
June 29, 2022

Test for the Future of Ukraine: a View from War-Affected Mykolaiv

Putin's success in his war against Ukraine would be a defeat for democracy.
Russian Aggression
June 20, 2022

Life During the Occupation of Hostomel

Olena and her family spent their first days of the war under the Russian occupation of Hostomel and miraculously managed to escape from the town to Kyiv. Learn their...
Russian Aggression
May 23, 2022

Russian War Shatters Dreams and Meaning of Life

Kyiv oblast, Bucha. The story of Marina Balyaba, whose husband died in the war.
Russian Aggression
May 19, 2022

How Russian Cinema Dehumanized Ukrainians and Laid the Ground for Today's War Crimes

Over the past decades, Russian cinema has served not only as “art,” but as a tool of propaganda which dehumanized Ukraine and the West, preparing Russian citizens...
Russian Aggression
May 13, 2022

Ukraine Defenders: American NGO Supports During Dark Times

We prepared an interview with one of the representatives of Ukraine Defenders. A non-profit dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to Ukrainian people. The team...
Russian Aggression
May 11, 2022

War Stories from Bucha, Irpin, Borodianka

We publish stories of Ukrainians, who suffered and were ready to share their personal war experience with others. The second article is on people, who were in Kyiv...
Russian Aggression
May 9, 2022

Mariupol War Stories

Here we have gathered stories under #UkraineWorldTestimonies project.
Russian Aggression
May 7, 2022

"The Ukrainian garrison in Mariupol can still be saved": urgent address to European leaders

Ukrainian human rights defenders, former dissidents and scholars call European leaders to act now
Russian Aggression
February 26, 2022

Stand With Ukraine! Address to the International Community by Ukrainian Human Rights Defenders

Address to the international community by "1st December Group", prominent Ukrainian human rights defenders and intellectuals