March 28, 2019

Chaos and Hate: What Russian Social Network VKontakte Says About Ukrainian Election

Until 2017, Russian social network Vkontakte (VK) was one of the most popular web-resources in Ukraine. For Ukrainians, it was a source of accessible (and often...
March 25, 2019

“Serialized Disinformation”: Protecting the International Community

On 12 February 2019, Ukraine’s Ministry of Information Policy (MIP) presented a 384-page-long study titled “White Paper of Special Information Operations Against...
March 21, 2019

#WordsAndWars Digest 3: The Kremlin’s Narratives About Ukrainian Elections

With Ukraine preparing to elect its president in March and April, pro-Kremlin information sources persuade Ukrainian citizens that their vote will be falsified.
March 4, 2019

#WordsAndWars Digest 2: Kremlin’s Most Recent Propagandist Stories Regarding Ukraine

Five years into the war against Ukraine, and Russia keeps up support for its activities in the field with aggressive propaganda both home and abroad. A number of...
February 11, 2019

#WordsAndWars Digest 1: 10 Studies on Russian Information Warfare in Ukraine in English

With this publication UkraineWorld starts a bi weekly information warfare digest aimed at tracking Russian efforts to influence Ukrainian information area ahead...