Ukraine Essays Book To Be Presented in Krakow, Poland

October 23, 2019
The book in English about Ukraine “Ukraine in Histories and Stories: Essays by Ukrainian Intellectuals” will be presented at the International Book Fair in Krakow on October, 26 14:00-15:00.

Speakers: Irena Karpa, Ukrainian writer, screenwriter and singer 

Moderator: Iwona Reichardt, Deputy editor-in-chief at New Eastern Europe

Venue: 23rd International Book Fair, Krakow, Galicyjska Str. 9, room Lwow A

Time and date: October 26, 14:00-15:00


Free download of the book: 

Idea and Topics

The book "Ukraine in Histories and Stories: Essays by Ukrainian Intellectuals" is a collection of texts by contemporary Ukrainian intellectuals: writers, historians, philosophers, political analysts, opinion leaders. The texts have been written for an international audience. The collection combines reflections on Ukraine's history (or histories, in plural), and analysis of the present, conceptual ideas and life stories. The book presents a multi-faceted image of Ukrainian memory and reality: from the Holodomor to Maidan, from Russian aggression to cultural diversity, from the depth of the past to the complexity of the present.

The project is implemented by Internews Ukraine and is funded by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the framework of the project "Prominent Events for Ukrainian Culture".

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is a state-owned institution created in 2017. It aims to facilitate the development of culture and arts in Ukraine, to provide a favourable environment for the development of the intellectual and spiritual potential of individuals and society, to ensure citizens' wide access to their national cultural heritage, to support cultural diversity and integration of Ukrainian culture into the world cultural context.

Internews Ukraine is one of the biggest and oldest Ukrainian media NGOs, active in the fields of communication, education, media analysis, digital security and international outreach.

UkraineWorld is Internews Ukraine's flagship project, an information and networking initiative aimed to improve knowledge about Ukraine and understanding of Ukrainian developments among the international audiences. The initiative is implemented by Internews Ukraine with the support of Internews Network (programme U-Media funded by USAID) and International Renaissance Foundation.